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Future of VOIP mobiles

Will Skype, Vonage, Ringcentral and gizmo still be around next year or will the likes of Google buy them and call it Google talk.

VoIP is big technology so big Google will want in, Google talk has already be developed all though currently in beta and unable to call people who are not on Google talk it also has an Instant messenger very similar to Skype. (more…)

The history of mobiles phones from bricks to buttons

Mobile phones have changed a great deal over the years but what’s next to come in the Mobile phone revolution? The mobile phone revolution has changed a great deal over the past fifty years; the mobile phone technology was first invented in 1947 by a company called bell labs. When you make an international call, you can use Spoofing technology to hide your phone. Using a SpoofCard coupon code can save you a lot of money on international calls.  (more…)

Expedia Coupon Code

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Pope Clears Canonization Of Blessed Alphonsa

New Delhi, June 04, 2007, 10.30 Hrs (CBCI News): Pope Benedict XVI has authorized the promulgation of the decrees to announce two canonizations and 320 beatifications. Blessed Alphonsa from Kerala would be one of the two to be canonized soon.

The Vatican made the announcement Friday, June 1 after the Pope received in audience Cardinal José Saraiva Martins, prefect of the Congregation for Saints’ Causes. (more…)

School vans: parents concerned over the safety of children

MANGALORE: The new academic year has begun and the parents are faced with the same old worries. Loads of homework, keeping the uniforms clean and ensuring that their children are in school on time braving the morning rush are some of the major concerns. But, more important than all these is the question of safety of their children who travel by private vans. (more…)

Wanted artistes for Konkani theatre

MANGALORE: Unemployed? Aged between 15 and to 25 years? Have the flair for theatre and interested in earning Rs. 3,000 a month? Then contact Kalakul, Mandd Sobhann Natak Academy at Shaktinagar. Well, this might sound like a job advertisement. While this is no doubt an invitation for those interested in theatre, it is also an attempt to set up the first full-time professional Konkani theatre group locally. (more…)

Rs. 63-lakh worth jewellery looted from store

MANGALORE: In a daring act, a group of around 10 persons who went to a reputed jewellery store at Bantwal as customers looted gold jewellery and cash together worth Rs. 64.97 lakh late on Saturday.

The group, according to eyewitnesses, escaped in a car parked some 100 metres from scene of the incident. (more…)


Sandesha Foundation for Culture and Education has been spreading the good news – that of harmony, peace, co-operation and goodwill among the different sections of the society from the very first day of its inception in May 1989.

Sandesha was established under the auspices of the Karnataka Regional Catholic Bishops Council and has been registered as a charitable Trust in November 1991. It has endeared itself to the general public by its universal outlook, secular thrust, inclusive approach and its multifaceted activities. (more…)

Konknni in Kannada script will be taught as an optional third language, in Karnataka

Bangalore, Feb 22: The state cabinet on Thursday morning took a decision approving teaching of Konkani as an optional language in schools, for students between VI to X standards. The syllabus will come into effect from the academic year 2007-08.

According to the government’s decision, Konkani will be taught in Kannada script. And for those who wish to teach it Devanagari script will be allowed. (more…)